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Business Identity Theft Education

About Business Identity Theft

Learn what business identity theft is, how thieves strike, and how to protect yourself and your business

What is Business Identity Theft?

What is business identity theft

Identity theft isn't a crime that strikes only consumers. Businesses, of all types and sizes, are squarely in the crosshairs and have become prime targets for identity thieves.

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What are my personal risks as a business owner?

Worried business ownerAs a business owner or key executive, your personal information is closely tied to your business and is also at risk. When a business' identity is stolen, the owner's own personal identity is also often used in the crimes.

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Business Identity Theft Schemes

Business identity theft scams

How do thieves steal a business identity? Is your business at risk? Knowing the tricks and methods of business identity thieves can help you to reduce your business' risks of becoming their next victim.

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How can I protect my business?

Business identity theft protection

Thieves regularly target unsuspecting businesses that don't protect themselves. Learn ways that you can thwart the efforts of business identity thieves and protect yourself and your business from business ID theft.

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