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Business ID Theft Scams

Business Identity Theft Scams

Business Identity Theft Schemes

How do thieves steal a business identity?  Is your business at risk?

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Business identity theft schemes

Knowing these tricks and methods of business identity thieves can help you reduce your business' risk of becoming their next victim

You've heard of consumer identity theft - but how do thieves steal and misuse a business' identity?  The answers, and the potential consequences for both the business and the business owner(s), may very well surprise you.

To help you understand the crime and the dangers, this section explains numerous common business identity theft schemes and tactics that thieves use to impersonate and defraud businesses.

How much can your business afford to lose?

"What is particularly disturbing about this trend is the significant dollar amounts involved. It's not unusual for the losses to be in the mid-six figures by the time the criminal activity is detected."

Robert Strezze
Sr. Risk Analyst
Dun & Bradstreet

Fraudulent Business Registrations
and Filings

Fraudulent business filings

Criminals manipulate state business registration systems and filing processes to gain control over businesses.

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Cyber-Crime and
Business Banking Fraud

Learn about cyber crime and bank fraud

Business bank accounts can be drained in minutes, and victimized businesses can suffer huge losses.

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Stolen Business EINs
used for Tax Fraud

Learn how criminals use stolen business EINs for tax fraud

Criminals use stolen business EIN numbers for tax refund fraud and tax identity theft schemes, creating business tax liabilities.

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Manipulation of Business
Credit Reports and Records

Business credit reports used for fraud

Thieves manipulate business credit reports and financial reports to deceive creditors, financial institutions, and other businesses.

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Misuse of Business Owner Identity

Misuse of business owner identity

Business identity theft schemes often involve misuse of the identities of business owners and officers, which creates further serious problems for the business and the owners.

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Misuse of Technology and Business Services

Use of virtual business services for fraud

Criminals misuse technology and virtual business services to impersonate, appear legitimate, hide their location, and commit fraud.

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Physical Address Mirroring

Physical address mirroring

Business identity thieves mirror the physical address of a business to obtain credit, loans, cash, and goods and services in the business' name.

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Shelf Corporations and Trade Rings

Shelf corporations and trade rings used for fraud

Thieves use shelf corporations and trade rings to deceive, impersonate, and appear legitimate in business fraud schemes .

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The Internet Information Black Market

Internet information black market

Sensitive information is traded and sold on a daily basis through black market websites, secret chat rooms, and underground forums.

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Other Business ID Theft Schemes to Defraud

Learn about other business ID theft schemes

Criminals use business identity theft as a multi-purpose tool for a wide array of consumer and business identity fraud schemes.

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